Создание и продвижение книжно-анимационных брендов для детей, подростков и взрослых.

O’Roy (Oleg Roy) is a modern Russian writer and the winner of several literary awards
For the 27 years of successful writing career, the author has written over 60 novels for adults in various genres: sentimental prose, psychological thriller, fiction. Over a number of years, according to the official data of the Russian Book Chamber, O’Roy makes the top five leaders of Russian adult fiction authors in terms total annual number of books’ copies, and tops the short list of modern Russian children’s authors. He is the leader on the sales of modern Russian literature for children.
Tommy the Little Dragon
An unusual friend lives in an ordinary family of pandas. It is a living toy dragon named Tommy. Panda parents have no idea about him, while their cubs cannot live a day without Tommy, because he and his assistant ToyRoy, a toy jar with magic soap bubbles, can make any boring day into a fantastic adventure and at the same time give answers to all “Whys” asked by their little friends. Tommy the Little Dragon blows a magic bubble and friends go to magic worlds!
Mia Frost (12 y.o.) and Trouble (uncertain age) both live in a fairytale Ministry of Christmas - a huge spaceship located right above the North Pole. Mia is Santa's granddaughter, a beginning videoblogger and a real Ministry star. She skillfully uses her position and bosses everyone in the Ministry. Trouble is a beastie from Jingle City and a student at Santa Academy. He arrived here to win the heart of the incredibly beautiful Pinky - a strict and fearless «extreme landing» instructor. Most of his time Trouble hangs out with Mia and helps her with her blog routine.
For centuries, people have been telling tales and legends, not knowing their stories come to live in a special world. This world borders on the World of Humans, and the entrance to it is a huge oak tree, as powerful and ancient as the universe itself. Until recently, the World of Humans and the World of Legends coexisted in harmony and peace. But what happens if these two worlds get into a fight with each other? Who will win and will there be any winners at all?
The year 2174, a temporary truce in the war between Earth and Mars is achieved. Criminals and sociopaths are used as an addition to one of the special task forces of the Planetary Security Service. However not everyone gets to the team. Candi- dates will have to survive in the harsh selection, fighting with others for the right to start a new life.